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After my first week in India a book about the famous indian guru Neem Karoli Baba fell into my hands. I am familiar with this extraordinary being who towers over most of the gurscene. He is one of a few exceptionally rare beings living on the earth plane at different times, difficult to fathom or comprehend by any human standard. Many would say he is God in human form. Maharaji as he also goes by, is the guru of Ram Das, author of Be Here Now, by the way. A book and person who introduced Maharaji to the booming generation of spiritual seekers in the Western world in the 1960’s. Many were turned on to yoga, meditation and traveled to India on a spiritual quest in search of the blessings and grace of a real guru.

Now a touch of the guru’s grace seemed to come my way too. By picking up the book, marveling over his presence and calling to mind many of the amazing stories told about him was the trigger for the magic of India to unfold.

Shortly after reading a few pages the inspiration came to mind that I should get myself an indian harmonium while I am here for the next three months. I have played the harmonium for 25 years and it is a part of my daily practice to sing a chant or two before meditation. At other times to lift the mood or when playing with my mantra friends in our mantra band.

Talking to the locals came in handy. Within two minutes everything was arranged for a taxi to pick me up the next morning and take me to a music shop. No reason to thank Maharaji quite yet, but when the taxi driver has a statue of Hanuman on the dashboard, it is time to become suspicious. Maharaji is not only devoted to the famous indian monkey god Hanuman, but many believe, he is Hanuman!

After several hours of nervously rollercoaster riding and gracefully flamenco dancing through the maze of cars, trucks, scooters, bikes, pedestrians, cows, dogs and monkeys of indian traffic, we made it to the shop. A beautiful, well crafted and good sounding harmonium was found. After some feeble attempts of bargaining the price was setteled. But then, just before drawing the credit card, the taxi driver discovered a rusty key. Much was done to fix it, but it still sounded as a nasty cold. I decided to take my chance.  Colds pass and so might this one with the right cure and care. The opportunity for further ajustment of the price to my advantage was not to be missed.


Maharaji probably thought the price was too high, because coming back home the key sounded just as harmonious as all the others, without a trace of squeack, rust or other discomfort!

Thanks Maharaji !

But a couple of hours later doubts set in.

– Was this really the invisible hand of Maharaji at play here, or was the rational mind about to throw the wild card of coincidence?

– So the next time I sat down to play, the key was rusty again……

– I let the harmonium rest for the night. A prayer of gratitude from the depth of my heart and request on behalf of the rusty key on the harmonium was sent to Maharaji before going off to sleep.

Next morning the key once again was healthy and sound again!



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AHIMSA – Mantra group

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

Mantra group since 1996 – still going strong. For a period called Mantra Boys, but as Kaja our beloved flutist and musician came along, we changed to back to the original name, Ahimsa.

Recording: Atha Yoga Center, Stavanger, Norway – 2013

Kaja Wibe Fiksdal – Flute and jambe
Easwaran Thambiayah – Tabla and drum
Christian Paaske – Harmonium

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